Halemind for Clinics

Reinvent your clinic and enhance your patient care with Halemind. From scheduling appointments to patients registrations, check-in, consultations, prescriptions, billing and reporting, the comprehensive Halemind platform enables you to deliver a seamless customer experience to your patients. Here's an opportunity to scale up your business.

Clinic Management

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Out-Patient Module

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Online Patient Registrations
  • Queue Management
  • Consultation Notes
  • Integrated Billing
  • e-Prescriptions
OP Module
Speciality based Visual Case Sheets

Speciality based Visual Case Sheets

  • Digital Case Sheets
  • Consultation Sheets
  • In-built Templates

Smart Analytics

  • Revenue Management
  • Patient Management
  • Staff Management
  • Statistics and Trends
Smart Analytics

Key Features

Appointments Scheduling

Visual Case Sheets

Patient Registration

Unique Patient ID's

Out-patient Management

In-patient Management

OT Management

Ward Management

Automated Billing

Laboratory Management

Pharmacy Management

Patient Portal

Reminders and Alerts

Revenue Management

Smart Analytics

Staff Management

Speciality EMR's

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